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Our Menus are Freshly Cooked on Board by our Chefs


Black Pudding and Bacon Salad
Chunky black pudding tossed in garden green salad with diced bacon and house dressing and Peach Puree
Fresh Vegetable Soup of the Day, Served with Homemade Brown Bread
Smoked Salmon Tartare
Smoked Salmon in tartare sauce garnished with Dublin Bay Prawns presented with baby leaf salad and refreshing lemon dressing

Mild green pasture-reared Chicken Curry
Cooked with coconut milk, zesty limes and fresh coriander,
served with freshly steamed jasmine rice

Roast Beef
A tender beef round, slow-roasted in savoury juices,
served with seasoned vegetables

Pan-fried Fish of the Day
with rosemary roast potatoes, a hazelnut and rocket salad and beurre blanc sauce
Turmeric Chickpeas with Potato and Spinach (VG)
Rich and flavoursome vegan stew packed with spices and vegetables served with rice and a squeeze of fresh lime

Chocolate Brownie
Served with cream or vanilla ice cream
Cheese Cake
Our own Irish Liqueur Cheese Cake with a hint of Bailey’s Irish Cream
Berry Compote
A refreshing palate cleanser of fruit Sorbet served with a Berry Compote

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